Cartoon Characters & Animals my cheeks have become to resemble after my wisdom teeth extraction:

cheekymeLeft to Right:

Alvin & The Cheekmunks, The Cheekettes, A Chubby Cheek-monk, “Cheeky” (Droopy), Agnes the Cheeky, Lilo and Cheeks, Snoopy and WoodCheeks, “It’s SO Cheeky!”, Sandy Cheeks. 



I Don’t Even Care that they nearly put the entire book in the trailer.

I’m too damn excited for this movie! Sam and Lily are almost too perfect as Alex and Rosie! Now all I want is a (hopefully sooner) U.S. release date! I am also, however worried that there may not be a “Toby” character, that would be kind of (epically) disappointing, since he and Katie’s relationship is supposed to mirror Rosie and Alex’s in many ways. 








21 Things to do instead of surfing the web.

  1. Go out for a walk. 
  2. Take a Spa/Day bath. 
  3. Read Book on my Book list. 
  4. Yoga
  5. Workout
  6. Cook 
  7. Hangout with someone. 
  8. Decorate (Rooms/Vases)
  9. Do Art
  10. Clean/Organize
  11. Review notes etc. 
  12. Go somewhere (Park,Shop)
  13. Plan Ahead. 
  14. Watch T.V. 
  15. Pray. 
  16. Sing. 
  17. Look for lost things. 
  18. Gardening
  19. Go to a Movie
  20. Mix/Match Wardrobe ideas. 
  21. Listen to music.